Curriculum 10 Questions and Answer Keys

MO chair sent out below documents via email on 01/02/2018. At the same time, for easier access:

If you joined somerset mo club groups mail list of google, you can access below documents:
Curriculum 10 Google Drive Link:


Question 3:  [Answer ]17, Hint: 25*q+5*(30-2-q)=480 => q=17

Question 32: [Answer] 158 , Hint: (3*5+5*8+8*3)*2 = (15+40+24)*2 = 158

We also released a new topic “Euclid’s Elements Introduction” on our YouTube channel. The speaker is Jason. It is a new attempt to help kids to understand math concepts. We will update it irregularly and welcome to watch.

Curriculum 10 videos will be uploaded once it’s ready.

The google group mail list name:, we have sent out invitations, if you have problems of joining, let us know. If you have any questions of accessing, please email MO chair:

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